REACH-/RoHS-Conformity is mainly applicable to manufacturers and importers of electrical and electronic devices. RoHs stands for "Restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment" or " Restriction of certain hazardous substances" for short.

The RoHS guidelines of the European Union (Guideline 2002/95/EU) was introduced to restrict the use of certain substances in electrical or electronic devices and components that are harmful to health and for the

The verification for REACH Conformity is done by the European Chemical Agency ECHA. Manufacturers, importers or downstream users can also submit the application for approval of substances falling under the REACH Regulation to ECHA. The agency then examines whether alternate substances can be substituted and issues the approval, provided it can be established that the exposure does not exceed certain threshold values, or there are no suitable substitutes or technologies available, and if the

REACH Consultation is not worthwhile for small and medium companies (SMEs) and yet ensuring REACH Conformity is a huge challenge for them. Compliance of all the EU Chemicals Regulation and the Material Safety Data Sheet requirements places a big bureaucratic burden on the affected companies.

Assistance from individual member nations comes in the form of the technical guidelines, i.e. the so called RIPS (REACH Implementation Project). RIP 1: REACH process details, RIP 2: REACH IT, RIP 3

The CLP-Regulation (GHS-Regulation) is an European Act for implementing the UN  Model Regulations also known as Regulation (EU) No. 1272/2008. It came into force in January 2009 implemented in parallel to the REACH Regulation and is based on the GHS: Globally Harmonized System of Classification, Labelling and Packaging of Chemicals of the United Nations. The GHS is a global system which addresses the classification and labelling of chemicals in Safety Data Sheets and on packaging.


We provide documents in our Info Point that makes it easier for you to work with IMDS.

Read further on the recommendations of the automobile manufacturers and the legal provisions and about norms, basic substances and raw materials.


IMDS Recommendations - statutory

IMDS Recommendations – Automobile manufacturers

IMDS-System documentation

IMDS Release Changes


Information on norms

Information on basic substances and raw materials

Global Automotive Declarable Substance List (GADSL) adobe pdf icon
GADSL-Referenzliste (Excel, englisch) icons8 ms excel 48
Stoffe auf der REACH-Kandidatenliste (SVHC)  adobe pdf icon
Material Standards  adobe pdf icon
IMDS Application Codes (2018) icons8 ms excel 48


This document will help you introduce an IMDS process:

IMDS Efficiency and Effectiveness


Release 12.0 (May 2019) adobe pdf icon
Release 11.1 (May 2018) adobe pdf icon
Release 11.0 (November 2016) adobe pdf icon
Release 10.0 (November 2015) adobe pdf icon
Release 9.0 (October 2013) adobe pdf icon
"IMDS NT – Das neue IMDS" (Mai 2013) adobe pdf icon
All previous release changes can be found here.



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