imds professional offers IMDS training courses in Brazil to the automotive sector

Weilrod, 20.05.2014 - It is mandatory for automotive manufacturers the world over to comply with the statutory requirements of the End-of-Life Vehicles Directive 2000/53/EG and to verifiably document all the materials that the vehicles consist of. This entails meticulous recording and entry of often more than 10,000 components used per model.

The internet based International Material Data System (IMDS), an electronic database system developed by HP enables automotive manufacturers (OEMs) and their suppliers to comply with the statutory requirements by archiving and managing materials used in vehicles in a database. Material data can be entered in the system easily, presented in a transparent manner and safely forwarded across the length and breadth of the supplier chain. Use of the IMDS in the automotive sector is increasingly gaining currency throughout the world. Proper use of the IMDS, however, calls for sound knowledge of material data entry and of prevailing laws and directives.

Since June 2014, imds professional, the full service company from Germany, offers IMDS training courses in Brazil, initially in São Paulo to provide support to users in operating the IMDS. In future, seminars will also be held at other locations in Brazil. imds professional is the first and only authorised training partner of HP in Brazil.

The host nation of this year's soccer world cup ranks as one of the world's biggest markets for automobiles. This is a manufacturing hub for numerous international automobile companies, who invest here in new plants and expand dealer networks.

Practical training sessions will be conducted in Portuguese by an experienced Brazilian trainer. The training courses will be regularly on offer.

The seminar IMDS (Sistema Internacional de dados de materiais) - Básico is an introduction to the IMDS with its concepts and definitions. Participants will learn to compile, send and manage material data sheets (MDS). After attending the seminar they will know how to make use of the regular IMDS functions. In the advanced training IMDS Avançado the participants will hone and deepen their existing IMDS skills in order to render the the IMDS work flow more efficient and safe. The seminar Nova versão 9.0 do IMDS mainly consists in imparting the changes and new functions in the freshly launched Release 9 version of the IMDS and its impact on day to day work. Participants will learn to work efficiently with Release 9 and to avail of its advantages.

While the "Básico" course is meant for users with little or no knowledge of the IMDS, the "IMDS Avançado" (Nr. 6121) is directed to users who want to deepen their IMDS knowledge. The "Nova versão 9.0 do IMDS" is aimed at well-versed IMDS users only desirous of getting to know the changes in the new version. In addition to the seminar range imds professional offers webinars (online training with live trainer) in Portuguese.

Since 1999 imds professional has been a leading provider of IMDS training courses offering the widest spectrum of IMDS seminars globally. The training sessions are conducted in eight languages imparting knowledge to IMDS users on the use of the system or to expand knowledge of specialised topics. Besides the training courses imds professional offers quality services and consultation on IMDS, REACH and GADSL. Right from data entry to consultation and planning in setting up and organisation of the IMDS within the company, down to analysis of processes or taking over IMDS operations, imds professional stands for assured quality in the execution of all jobs. What's more, imds professional also provides seminars and consultation services on the latest topic of Conflict Minerals!


Company information

imds professional is a full-service company in the area of International Material Data System (IMDS). Besides providing comprehensive services and consultation on IMDS, REACH and GADSL internationally, imds professional also offers a wide range of seminars imparting the required knowledge to IMDS users. Seminars are on offer in the form of general or in-house training sessions. The company is a provider authorised by Hewlett Packard for IMDS training courses. International automotive manufacturers and their suppliers form the client base of the company.


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