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REACH Info Point

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REACH Info Point

The documents on REACH are given here for downloading and there are important links on the REACH Regulation.


REACH-Helpdesk at BAUA (Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health)

The Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (BAUA) has set up a comprehensive REACH helpdesk which you can access here:




The European Automobile Manufacturers' Association has prepared a comprehensive portal on REACH. This is available at



REACH CLP Helpdesk: Kurzinfo Erzeugnisse (DE) / Quick info articles (EN)

German version

Kurzinfo: Einmal ein Erzeugnis - Immer ein Erzeugnis.pdf


English edition

Once an article – Always an article (EN).pdf


Directive on REACH (Official gazette of the EU L 136/3)

The official gazette of the European Union L 136/3 with the REACH Regulation (PDF format, 278 pages) is available here

Verordnung zu REACH (german)


Automotive Industry Guidelines on REACH (AIG Version 3.1) - German

Here you can download the German version of the document "Automotive Industry Guideline on REACH" (AIG - Version 3.1)



Automotive Industry Guideline on REACH (AIG - Version 3) - English


Here you can download the English version of the document "Automotive Industry Guideline on REACH" (AIG - Version 3).


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