IMDS Expert (cert.) and IMDS Officer (cert.)

Details about the certification


For IMDS users, the tasks related to material reporting are becoming increasingly complex: new or amended regulations, changes in the IMDS system, further laws or substance bans are constantly being added. The requirements of the automotive manufacturers (OEMs) themselves have also become very extensive and must be taken into account along the entire supply chain.

In order to fulfill all these tasks, a great deal of expertise and implementation skills are required, both within the company itself and with suppliers and customers. As a result, fixed roles and job requirements have been established in the automotive industry. We have summarized them in all detail and are happy to provide the community with our output in the form of our IMDS Expert and IMDS Officer function profiles.

In order to support you in successfully fulfilling these functions and reliably proving your respective qualification, we at imds professional have developed the certificate training courses in cooperation with DXC Technology, the IMDS Steering Committee and representatives of Tier 1 suppliers.

As an IMDS Expert (cert.), you have all necessary competencies to independently fill the function of "processing in IMDS" in your company and to independently carry out IMDS projects. To this end, you are in close contact with customers and suppliers and know what is important in the swift implementation of IMDS projects. You are experienced in generating, analyzing and evaluating parts lists and drawing data. As an IMDS Expert, you can efficiently create, check and send material data sheets and reliably take into account OEM requirements, the IMDS regulations as well as the ELV, GADSL and REACH regulations and RoHS directive. You will responsibly and confidently make correct statements about the material compliance of your products and know where to look up or ask for additional information in case of doubt. In addition, as an IMDS Expert (cert.) you are familiar with the application of the IMDS Chemistry Manager and can - where necessary - pass on REACH and biocide information in the supply chain. You know how to comply with the IMDS Change Management requirements of the IMDS Steering Committee and guarantee error-free IMDS reporting.

The IMDS Expert (cert.) certificate training takes 3 days and concludes with the exam on the last day. This advanced training requires IMDS practical knowledge. Please note the prerequisites mentioned in the course description!

As IMDS Officer (cert.) you will be the responsible leader for the IMDS department in your company and have all the necessary competencies to perform a leading specialist function in the company with regard to IMDS. As IMDS Officer (cert.) you define and design an optimal IMDS work process. You define and maintain the organizational structure of your company in IMDS. You organize and monitor the IMDS work of your team and are the official contact person in your company for IMDS, REACH, Conflict Minerals, etc. as well as the interface to Compliance/CSR officers. As IMDS Officer (cert.) you support other departments such as standardization, purchasing, development or management with regard to material compliance and reporting in IMDS. You are responsible for a high data quality towards suppliers and customers. You also represent the interests of your company in a factual and solution-oriented manner in negotiations regarding IMDS expenditures. You establish uniform criteria for the rejection and acceptance of IMDS data as well as the release of your own entries. You carry out supplier evaluations with regard to data quality and accompany the sampling process on the IMDS side. As IMDS Officer (cert.) you are well acquainted with the laws and rules relevant for the IMDS as well as decisive guidelines and regulations. In addition, you reliably fulfill the change management requirements of the IMDS Steering Committee. You are also familiar with other tools and systems such as CDX, CMD Manager, CAMDS or the OEM's inspection systems in order to efficiently organize material reporting.

The certificate training IMDS Officer (cert.) takes 2 days and concludes with the exam on the last day. This advanced training requires that you have successfully passed the IMDS Expert certificate training.

The certificate

  • Is personally issued to you by imds professional, authorized by DXC Technology and the IMDS Steering Committee.
  • Is a comparable and recognized proof of your qualifications, it is valid worldwide.
  • The associated standard of continuing education is known and accepted in the supply chain and certifies a high IMDS data quality to your company and its customers and suppliers.
  • Certifies your personal IMDS competence.

Benefits of the certification:

  • Internationally recognized proof of qualification
  • Acquisition of the knowledge and competencies to successfully fill the position of IMDS Expert or IMDS Officer
  • You guarantee the high quality of data in the supply chain
  • Companies whose employees are certified demonstrate that their IMDS records and processes meet a globally recognized quality standard
  • You meet the OEM's data quality requirements



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