IMDS-Entry: For whom is this mandatory?

An IMDS-Entry is common or even mandatory for suppliers of products used in commercial vehicles. While ordering, the automotive supplier has to sign a basic contract or contractually indicate that the products are used in automobiles and are subject to compliance of the End-of-Life Vehicle Directive. The underlying EU directive is of a binding nature. Even sampling as per PPAP (Production Part Approval Process is used in the automotive supply chain for establishing confidence in component suppliers and their production processes) is regulated by contractual agreement. If these criteria are met, the supplier to the automotive industry can even issue a notice of complaint to the supplier/sub-contractor in the event of a missing entry. In cases where the suppliers do not mean manufacturers but distributors, the latter can in turn ask for an entry from their supplier.

imds professional supports companies in reducing liabilities and risks of return/recall or even loss of image. We provide professional data management: right from material research down to IMDS entry. Our services at a glance are given here.


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