REACH Regulation: What it regulates and how we assist

The European Regulation (EU) No. 1907/2006, which came into force on 1st July 2007, is the basis for the REACH Regulation. It regulates the use and introduction of all substances and preparations to the EU market. REACH stands for "Registration, Evaluation and Authorisation of Chemicals".

The Regulation mainly targets those substance that can have a harmful effect on the health of human beings and/or on the environment. Such substance are known as Substances of Very High Concern (refer also to REACH SVHC). According to this regulation manufacturers and importers have to pay heed to REACH Conformity and apply for a registration number for certain substances (refer also to REACH Certificate).

The work load in relation to REACH is often too great for the company and it is financially worthwhile to enlist for REACH services. imds professional offers consultation on REACH and trainings and thereby helps in all tasks concerning the IMDS system.

As a system of documentation of material data it helps automobile manufacturers and their suppliers to meet obligations arising from product specifications of clients and national or international laws, norms, standards and regulations such as REACH/RoHs. imds professional as the leading IMDS service provider provides a comprehensive range of IMDS services. Our services at a glance are provided here. Or else make an appointment for consultation with our experts now!

Chemical Safety Report and the GHS Regulation

Importers of chemicals have to register them if they introduce upwards of one tonne of chemicals annually into the European markets. SVHC in the proportion of 0.1 percent of the gross product weight are likewise subject to registration. For volumes exceeding 10 tonnes annually a Chemical Safety Report (CSR) has to be compiled.

The CSR calls for a consistent communication within the supply chain. The CSR gives a detailed account of a substance and its effects on human beings and the environment thus making it the basis for risk evaluation of substances. For the latter, the European Chemical Agency ECHA draws a working plan updated annually, which incorporates features causing concern, for instance those relating to persistence and bio-accumulation.

The member nations then evaluate the substances listed in the working plan and can, if necessary, ask later for information, introduce procedures for authorisation and limitation or request for follow up actions like harmonised classification and labelling (refer also to the CLP/GHS Regulation). The REACH Regulation is also applicable to non-EU companies supplying goods to the European economic area. They require a representative in the EU, who can meet their legal obligations.


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