The REACH Seminar: Know-how from Well-Versed Experts

The REACH Seminar by imds professional is tailored to the needs of companies affected by the REACH Regulation. The EU Chemicals Regulation valid in all EU member nations lays down that upwards of a volume of one tonne per year only chemical substances with prior registration at the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) may be produced or brought into circulation in the EU. Compliance of the EU Chemicals Regulation requirements presents great challenges to the affected companies. Not only have the employees to be conversant with the complex knowledge of stipulations, exceptions and special provisions but some bureaucratic hurdles need also to be overcome.

The interdisciplinary team of imds profession comes to aid here. We would like to pass on our long standing experience and specialised knowledge in the field and the many insider tips on topics relating to REACH Conformity, REACH/RoHs, SVHC and CLP/GHS Regulation in our seminar on REACH to you. A summary of our seminar programme is given here. At your request we can even prepare a seminar for your company tailored to your needs. You have just to contact us!

IMDS is an important source of information for queries on REACH Conformity for products of the automotive industry. All raw materials used in automobile manufacture are communicated, archived and managed in this databank system. As the leading IMDS service provider imds professional offers IMDS seminars also all over Europe in seven languages, which prepare your employees very well for all the tasks related to the system.


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