The GADSL: Global Automotive Declarable Substance List

All the substances that can be used in auto parts are listed in the GADSL ("Global Automotive Declarable Substance List"). It forms the basis for the declaration in the International Material Data System (IMDS) and makes it easier for the automotive industry to retrace the basic substances used in auto parts and to recycle vehicles in accordance with law (refer to End-of-Life Vehicle Directive).

The banned substances and the obligation to declare construction, operational and processing materials used in the manufacturing chain of the automotive industry are mentioned in the list. This thus helps to improve products of the automotive industry with respect to quality and safety and to minimise the harmful effects on our health and environment.


The background to the global list

The Global Automotive Declarable Substance List is updated at least once a year, usually in February, by the Global Automotive Stakeholder Group (GASG), an association of manufacturers, suppliers and raw material suppliers from the automotive and chemical industry. It thereby facilitates worldwide communication and flow of information between companies of the automotive supplier chain, which helps in efficient compliance of legal stipulations on sustainability of products and the associated requests of clients, as well as the obligation to report.


Material Compliance Management Worldwide

The list was the product of a voluntary effort by the industry to ensure responsible product development and to minimise the burden for individual participants in the supply chain. Before it was formulated there were multiple "Declarable Substances List" in circulation to assist in Material Compliance Management. The universal GADSL standardised certain criteria and has thereby been providing for a transparent process of global exchange of data relating to declarable basic substances since its introduction in April 2005. It has become the benchmark for automobile manufacturers and is independent of the IMDS; it is however the only relevant list of declarable basic substances (with the exception of company-specific lists) that IMDS users have to follow. Contracts drawn between suppliers and OEMs do not override the list.

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