The IMDS Data Bank – an International Material Data Bank

The IMDS data bank ( enables the collection of all recycling-related data of an automobile in the form of material data sheets. Thus the recycling-related material data of all automobiles parts can be compiled, presented in a transparent manner and safely conveyed across the entire supplier chains just by an IMDS entry.

The International Material Data Bank facilitates consistent documentation of raw materials used in automobile manufacturing and the archiving and administration of these across the supply chain (refer also to the IMDS Number).

Worldwide Industry Standard

Thanks to the system, all the companies and their partners in the supplier industry connected to the network have access to information on all the materials that are used. Thus automobile manufacturers and suppliers can comply with the national and international norms, laws and provisions in the interest of an eco-friendly and pro-conservation process of recycling.

The numbers have in the meanwhile risen to over 141,000 users from 71,800 registered companies and they generate a volume of above 40 million material data sheets in the material data bank (status 2013). These numbers speak for the IMDS data bank evolving into a worldwide standard for the industry.


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