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Since the introduction of the International Material Data System in 1999 imds professional has established itself as the leading IMDS service provider of Europe. We offer consultation, training and services for everything related to IMDS and on compliance to standards.

Our trainers are engaged in training participants of the automotive industry all over Europe. We provide consultation services to companies in establishing efficient processes on data collection. We support companies worldwide to meet statutory and client-specific requirements.

Do you need expert support in the performance of your product compliance? Contact us right away, we will be happy to provide you with personalised and detailed consultation.


Our Success Story: All-Round Services Recommended by DXC

Since the development of the IMDS System by DXC Technology (formerly HPE) in 1999 we have been the authorised IMDS training partner to automobile manufacturers and suppliers. To date we have instituted official and exclusive IMDS training service offers all over Europe in the form of attendance seminars, conducted in the language of the respective country. There are wide-ranging webinars on offer around the world.

Year 2004 saw an expansion in the range of offers thanks to our specialisation and to the great expertise of our employees and trainers. It has now been supplemented by service and consultation on IMDS and all other topics concerning material compliance. Today we provide consultation to clients all around the globe and our service offers are recommended by DXC Technology to users.


Our Philosophy: Cars back to nature  

The IMDS-System is geared for compliance to national and international laws and to meet client-specific requirements. This is particularly relevant in the environmental department. Manufacturers and suppliers of automobiles bear responsibility for the entire lifecycle of a vehicle from manufacture to disposal or recycling.

The IMDS supports companies from the automotive field in the responsible task of collecting, archiving and analysis of material data. As a data bank and archiving system it is a contributory factor in ensuring that at least 95 percent of the average vehicle weight gets disposed and recycled by 2015. Originally the IMDS catered only to waste prevention and automotive recycling.

The IMDS data bank, now in use all over the world, consisting currently of more than 40 million data sheets containing details on the substances used in the automobile components, enables the automotive industry to adhere even to other laws and provisions on product/material compliance, for instance handling of toxic substances. Thereby, it contributes considerably in returning components to the recovered substance cycle in an eco-friendly manner and in conserving our environment.


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