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We are happy to pass on helpful practical tips and forward-looking insider knowledge to you in Material Compliance training courses. This reduces your costs and risks for product liability enormously and you can often still save costs.

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You need support but not sure which of our services is right for you? Book an appointment for a free, 15-minute initial consultation. Together we can clarify your needs, estimate the effort involved and then send you a customised offer.

Please note: The meeting will take place in German or English. If you would like to have a conversation in French, Italian or Spanish, please let us know in advance (send an e-mail to info@imds-professional.com).

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Do you need support with your material compliance tasks and already know what you need? We will be happy to help you and provide you with an individual offer for service or consulting! Please use our contact form to describe your requirements to us and we will get back to you promptly.

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Waschweg 3, 61276 Weilrod, Germany
E-Mail: info@imds-professional.com
Tel: +49 60 83 / 91 300
Fax: +49 60 83 / 91 30 930

Consulting & Service

Markus Engel
+49 6083 / 913036

Consulting & Service

Josef Yalaza
+49 6083 / 913032

Consulting & Service

Tim Thome
+49 6083 / 913031

Training services

German | English

Maria-Belén Herr
+49 6083 / 913039

Training services

Spanish | Polish | English

Soledad Opl
+49 6083 / 913042

Training services


Catherine Flon-Zausra
+49 6083 / 913025

Training services


Sylvia Sattelmeier
+49 6083 / 913033

Marketing & PR

Ann-Carin Hahn-Köding
+49 6083 / 913028

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