IMDS Certification Courses

Internationally recognized IMDS qualification.

IMDS users need to deal with ever more complex tasks when using the system to meet their materials compliance obligations. These include dealing with the constant stream of new or amended regulations, additional laws, bans on substances as well as changes to the IMDS system itself. The requirements from automotive manufacturers (OEMs) themselves have also become more demanding and need to be factored in throughout the entire supply chain.

Expert knowledge and specialist skills are needed to implement these requirements internally and when working with customers and suppliers.

We have defined a standard to encompass the widely varied tasks and responsibilities associated with the IMDS system. To help you perform these roles effectively and provide reliable evidence of relevant qualifications, we have developed IMDS Expert and Officer certification courses in partnership with DXC Technology, the IMDS Steering Committee, and representatives from Tier 1 suppliers.

ipCampus EN, ipCampus Training topics, IMDS Certification Courses
ipCampus EN, ipCampus Training topics, IMDS Certification Courses