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Welcome to our ipCampus. We provide Product Environmental Compliance services all around the world, including training on many different subject areas in a range of learning formats.

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ipCampus EN, ipCampus Training topics, IMDS Certification Courses
ipCampus EN, ipCampus Training topics, IMDS Certification Courses

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Materials compliance knowledge

Training Topics

We share our knowledge in many different languages and in the most appropriate learning format. This ensures we can deliver the content in a way that suits you so you can use the skills you have learned immediately. Our decades of experience as an international training partner means we provide a service you can truly rely on. We are the market leader in Europe for IMDS and CDX training services and are authorized by the developer of the IMDS.

Formats in Overview


Training courses

Our online and in-person training courses teach you all you need to know about materials and product compliance. The course materials are based on real-world scenarios so that everything you learn will have an immediate positive effect on your data quality and day-to-day work. We offer a range of formats for your specific requirements.

Specialist 1:1 coaching

Do you need assistance with a specific project or process? If so, you can call on us to help. We can get into the fine details of your requirements through our specialist 1:1 coaching service. Tell us in advance what you would like to know and what you need, and we will provide practical tips through a specialist 1:1 coaching session. We can deliver this at your company premises or by video conference.

Certified courses

Why not take advantage of this exclusive opportunity to train as an IMDS Expert or IMDS Officer? We have developed these certified training courses in collaboration with DXC Technology, the IMDS Steering Committee, and representatives of Tier 1 suppliers. The certificate serves as recognized proof of your qualification and is valid throughout the world. The associated standard of CPD is recognized and accepted by the supply chain and certifies high IMDS data quality for your company, its customers, and suppliers.


Our regular ipExpertTalk sessions provide a great opportunity to learn from imds professional specialists and external industry experts. The experts kick off the session with a presentation that aims to stimulate discussion. They will then discuss the different approaches and solutions they use to tackle a specific challenge they have recently faced. (The next topics for discussion can be viewed on the notices page on our website or in our newsletter.) This is followed by a Q&A session. Not only do our ipExpertTalk sessions give you the chance to learn from the best, they also offer a great way to network and share insights in an open and friendly setting.

On-the-job training

Our specialists will provide you with targeted support on clearly defined tasks and projects relating to Product Environmental Compliance. This training solution delivers effective on-site training precisely where you need it and focuses on providing workable solutions that you can put into practice straight away. The sessions can be provided either online or on-site at your business. They can also be tailored for individuals or small groups. This highly targeted and specialized type of training is very powerful as it can be customized just for you.

The IMDS Convention

Our annual IMDS user convention attracts participants from all over the world. This event covers the latest developments in the field of Product Environmental Compliance and IMDS. It provides an excellent opportunity to learn about the latest trends and forecasted developments through presentations by internationally recognized experts and DXC developers. It's also a great way to network with colleagues and share specialist insights.


In these sessions, our proven experts will focus on Product Environmental Compliance questions that come up in your day-to-day work. You will be able to go into the details of your specific challenges and gain support from experienced coaches from the industry.

Insight sessions

Insight sessions are aimed at people with decision-making responsibilities. They are a great way to gain invaluable insights if you are planning to reorganize the processes within your company, or if you need to gain an overview and understand some of the wider issues to support you in your decision making. Contact us and let us know how we can help. We will provide you with an overview of the specific area as well as decision-making criteria. We provide unbiased and independent advice on the legal provisions that is based on years of experience working with colleagues from a wide range of sectors throughout the world.


In our online and classroom courses, you will learn everything you need to know about material and product compliance - in such an application-oriented way that it will quickly have a positive effect on your data quality and daily work. We offer different formats for your specific needs.


Here, proven experts answer your questions on the daily handling of product environmental compliance issues. In a direct exchange, you can deal specifically with individual challenges and problems and receive support from experienced coaches from the field.

1:1 coaching

Do you need help with a specific project or process? With professional 1:1 coaching, we can fully address your needs. You explain to us in a preliminary discussion what you want to know and need - we help you in a practical way with professional 1:1 coaching. This can take place on your premises or as a video consultation.

Certification courses

Take advantage of the exclusive opportunity to train as an IMDS Expert or IMDS Officer. We have developed these certificate trainings in cooperation with DXC Technology, the IMDS Steering Committee and representatives of Tier 1 suppliers. The certificate is a comparable and recognised proof of your qualifications and is valid worldwide. The associated standard of training is known and accepted in the supply chain and certifies a high IMDS data quality for your company and its customers and suppliers.


In this ongoing format, our experts as well as external experts from the field describe their personal approach and their solution to a very specific current challenge in an impulse lecture. (You can find the current topic in the announcements on our website or in our newsletter). Afterwards, there will be plenty of time for questions and discussion. Learn from the best of the best and network and benefit from the open exchange!

Training on the Job

Experts provide you with targeted support for narrowly defined tasks and projects relating to product environmental compliance. And hands-on, exactly where you need it: at your workplace and strongly solution-oriented. This can take place as online training or on-site at your company for individuals or small groups. You get direct and expert help.

Information training

Our info trainings are aimed at people in decision-making positions. Do you need an overview and background information because you want to reorganise processes in your company or orient yourself? Then contact us and let us know how we can help! We provide you with an orientation on the desired area and criteria for decisions with an information training. We provide neutral and independent advice. We not only bring in profound background knowledge about legal requirements, but also our years of experience from practical cooperation in a wide range of industries worldwide. Information training

IMDS Convention

At our annual IMDS user meeting with participants from all over the world, we look at the latest developments in the field of Product Environmental Compliance and IMDS. During presentations by internationally recognised experts and DXC developers, you will learn about the latest trends and assessments and can network with each other in a professional exchange. Information training

Our ipCampus

Knowledge transfer

Scheduled training courses

Our training courses are available to book as scheduled courses in both online or in-person formats or as dedicated in-house training. Our scheduled courses are held on specified dates. They provide an excellent opportunity to get to know other participants who work in a similar area to you. Our customers find these networking and information sharing opportunities extremely beneficial. Our experienced trainers are available to answer any pressing queries you may have that arise from your day-to-day work.

Benefits of attending our scheduled training courses:

Customized training courses

Our customized in-house training courses are tailored to your daily workflows. We will design the content especially for your company and customize it to the kinds of tasks you undertake, for specific employees, complete departments, or the entire company. In our experience, customized training is usually suitable for groups of four or more. However, there are some instances where in-house training for one person makes sense, such as when a qualification is required quickly, or when content needs to be learned more intensively, or in extra detail. We are happy to offer advice on the best options to suit your requirements.

We will discuss the methodology, focus, and learning objectives with you based on your current situation. We will take examples from your working practice, familiarize ourselves with your product data, and develop customized training exercises so that your colleagues can implement what they have learned immediately. Should you have any questions later on, we will also be available to provide advice after the course has been completed. 

Our customized training courses can be delivered as in-person training at your premises or at a location we have arranged in advance. They can also be delivered as online courses. Simply notify us of your requirements using our contact form.

Benefits of attending our customized training courses:

Our online training courses

We offer virtual training courses via our online learning platform. You can join the sessions from the comfort of your own home or workstation anywhere in the world and choose from a wide range of courses available in many different languages. Whether you choose a scheduled or customized course to be delivered online or in-person, the content is the same; however, online courses are adapted to the virtual learning space. 

Online training can often be planned more quickly and flexibly than in-person sessions. This is particularly useful when people need to join from different locations.

The online format is very similar to the in-person format. You will see our trainers live on the screen and you can ask questions in real time, complete exercises, and talk to the other participants. You will need up-to-date communications equipment, including an internet connection, a computer or laptop, a headset or a loudspeaker, and microphone. We will provide access to our online training platform.

If you would like to choose our customized solution, simply let us know which subjects you are interested in and the required training date. We can facilitate the course through our virtual training platform, or we can use your existing platform, if you prefer. View our online training course schedule here.

Please note the technical requirements. You can use our system check to test whether you can join using your equipment.

In-person training

We provide in-person training courses throughout Germany and in many European cities in the local language.  Training on Product Environmental Compliance is provided in a logical format and includes many practical tips.

We can deliver customized in-house training in person using your facilities and IT equipment or we can provide a fully equipped training facility at a site of your choice if you prefer. Alternatively, in-house training can also be effectively provided in an online format.

Our scheduled courses allow you to get to know people who also work in your sphere. We regularly observe that our participants find sharing experiences this way extremely useful. This is often easier face-to-face than on a screen.