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We can help you optimize PEC (Product Environmental Compliance) processes and workflows. This brings substantial benefits in terms of cost savings and more efficient communications within your company and with external partners. Our expert advice will help you improve the quality of your materials data and how you manage your information. Planning will become more efficient, and your processes will be better organized, which will significantly reduce your HR and data management costs. Our services also help to make working relationships between colleagues, customers and suppliers run more smoothly over the long term. Our efficient solutions will give you peace of mind that your company is legally compliant and will help you stay one step ahead of your competitors.

Materials compliance reporting using the CDX system

The Compliance Data Exchange (CDX) system for materials compliance is an essential tool for any company that wants to demonstrate its professionalism when it comes to reporting materials data. The system is provided by our partner DXC Technology. The CDX system helps you to ensure your materials reporting process is legally compliant across the board and simplifies collecting, managing, and analyzing materials data along the entire supply chain.

Our reliable services have earned us the trust of numerous companies from a wide range of sectors all over the world. What makes us special is our ability to provide consulting, support services, and training courses that can be customized to your needs. Our services can be delivered on a modular basis or as a fully comprehensive package.

Our highly qualified experts work closely with you to ensure our services satisfy your requirements fully. They provide consulting services, initial CDX training, information, and departmental support services. You can rely on them to deliver a high-quality service that meets your company’s needs.

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