Information about CDX

CDX – a materials compliance system for the manufacturing industry 

Looking for solutions that ensure you meet all the legal requirements for Environmental Product Compliance (EPC)? Then look no further than the CDX (Compliance Data eXchange) – a data management solution created by DXC Technology. The system enables manufacturing companies to collect, analyze, and process all the data they need for materials compliance. The materials composition of a given item can be traced and the data submitted online to the relevant government agencies or customers. The CDX system enables companies to fully meet all legal requirements to ensure they comply with international environmental regulations such as REACH, RoHS, California Proposition 65 (CP65), the Aerospace and Defence Declarable Substance List (AD-DSL), IRSL, China RoHS, WEEE, battery and packaging regulations, the End-of-Life Vehicles Directive (ELV Directive), HKC, and conflict minerals legislation.

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CDX – an online interface that meets SCIP database requirements

The CDX system is a web-based software-as-a-service solution (SaaS). This means you can edit all your data online without the need to download programs or install hardware, saving you the time and expense of implementation. CDX also makes things easier for employees who are working remotely or traveling, providing the benefit of greater workflow flexibility.

In addition, CDX allows you to meet new SCIP database requirements with the appropriate interface.

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Services around CDX

We are a DXC Technology partner, so we can help you use solutions such as the CDX system in your business to their best advantage. We provide expert advice on how to design more productive workflows for materials reporting. We’ll keep you updated with the very latest information and provide professional materials reporting management services either online or at your company premises.

Implementing the CDX system in your company is very straightforward with our CDX Starter support module. We’ll guide you every step of the way, starting with the initial registration process, along with practical ongoing support and customized training solutions for your staff. Why not get in touch to discuss your requirements?