CDX Training

DXC Technology is the developer of the IMDS and CDX systems. We have worked alongside them for many years, which has enabled us to acquire invaluable expertise in professional consulting, support services, and training. The CDX system runs in tandem with the IMDS and can be used in any sector. It makes reporting for materials compliance easy, enabling you to fully satisfy environmental regulations and customer specifications. The system helps you collect, analyze, and manage materials data throughout the entire supply chain. Conflict minerals can also be reported in the CDX system, which is not possible in the IMDS.

Our scheduled training courses will familiarize you with the system and ensure you can use it effectively. Search our upcoming online and in-person courses in our training schedule.

We also offer customized courses for companies that are held as in-person training sessions or webinars. Once you decide to implement the system in your business, we can take care of training your staff and suppliers. Choose from the following formats:

Our CDX training courses

This two-day course is designed to familiarize you with all the basic aspects so you can use the CDX system correctly.

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The course provides an overview of the main background and objectives of the European and global material and product conformity requirements and the systems that can be used to achieve them.

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This two-hour course provides an overview of the CDX system.

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This four-hour course ensures users are familiar with the key aspects, so they can report conflict minerals in CDX using the “Conflict Minerals Declaration Manager” (CMD Manager).

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Are you interested in specific CDX training covering areas we haven’t mentioned? We’d love to hear from you – just get in touch and let us know your requirements.