ROHS Service

Our services for your RoHS compliance

If you are dealing with the RoHS Directive or other Product Environmental Compliance (PEC) topics, you know: It is time-consuming to keep track in the legal jungle with the numerous directives, restrictions on the use of hazardous substances and exemptions. The “Directive on the Restriction of the Use of Certain Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment” poses particular challenges even for experts. Whether your items are RoHS compliant is not possible without basic expertise on regulated substances. By engaging experts like us to provide services related to the RoHS Directive and REACH, you ensure that you meet all legal requirements. You save time, nerves and, in most cases, money. Join the ranks of companies that can boast exemplary PEC management and also minimize the risk of penalties or dunning procedures. More and more companies in Germany and globally are paying increased attention to material compliance and are advertising environmentally and health-friendly products and manufacturing processes. If your articles are RoHS compliant, you protect the environment and have better chances on the market.

Consulting on RoHS  

Many substances that are restricted by RoHS are already covered by other legal regulations, some of which are Annex II of the ELV (End-of-Life Vehicles Directive) or REACH. Thus, there is hardly an industry whose articles are not affected by the restriction of certain substances. There are differences in the handling of exemptions and reporting. For example, the automotive industry is not directly affected by this directive, but many companies also supply articles to the non-automotive sector.   We can advise you on all aspects of compliance with the RoHS Directive and REACH and show you whether your products are affected by the directives and regulations. We support you in optimizing your internal processes and in fulfilling your obligations correctly and on time.

We report RoHS-compliant for you

We will gladly take over all tasks in the area of material compliance for you, also specifically when it comes to the topic of the RoHS Directive and the declaration of conformity of electrical devices or electronic equipment. We support you with the declaration of conformity and help you fulfill your documentation and information obligations, for example by maintaining your data in CDX. You can find more information about our CDX service here.

“Training on the job” and other training courses on RoHS

To train you and your employees, we offer various public on-site and online training courses in Germany and other countries. You can find the topics and dates here.   In addition, we will be happy to design training courses on the RoHS directives tailored to your specific needs and conduct them as online training or at your premises. Just contact us!