Experts in Product Environmental Compliance launch ipCampus learning platform

imds professional launches new website to showcase its expertise in Product Environmental Compliance.

Weilrod, 05.10.2021 – Leading provider of Product Environmental Compliance (PEC) services imds professional entered a new era on September 17, 2021, with the launch of its brand-new website and ipCampus learning platform. The company based in Weilrod im Taunus in Central Germany helps companies all over the world meet their statutory Product Environmental Compliance obligations. For many companies, it can be difficult to keep on top of the complexities of today’s environmental regulations and to manage materials reporting processes internally. imds professional’s range of customizable consulting, training, and support services provides a convenient and cost-effective solution to this problem. The company serves medium-sized and large customers from a range of sectors, including electrical and electronics, medical products, aviation and defense, automotive, marine technology, and engineering.

Almost every business in the world has to comply with ever-changing environmental regulations. The experts at imds professional have continually kept up to date with all the regulatory changes and have bundled the knowledge they have amassed over the years into their unique learning platform ipCampus. This platform offers the most comprehensive specialist training on Product Environmental Compliance in the world. Customers can choose from a broad portfolio of online or in-person training courses on a large number of PEC subjects, including the REACH Chemicals Regulation, the RoHS Directive, ELV, conflict minerals, and biocides.

The company was founded in 1999, the same year that the IMDS (International Material Data System) was developed by and for the automotive industry. At this time, imds professional was tasked with setting up a training organization in Europe by EDS (now DXC Technology), the developer of the IMDS system. “We still use ‘IMDS’ in our company name because we have evolved alongside the IMDS database. We started as a small, dedicated team that focused on providing IMDS training,” explains company founder Heide Teubert. “But today our services also cover many other areas of Product Environmental Compliance. We’ve migrated our services over to the cloud and are very proud of our highly qualified members of staff located all over the world who offer exceptionally effective training and advice in many languages.”

The company has expanded its services over the years to include data entry, data verification, and compliance reporting on the IMDS and other areas of materials compliance. The scope of environmental legislation is being continually extended in many countries. This has resulted in more systems and databases for reporting on laws and directives relating to electrical and electronic equipment, chemicals, hazardous materials, waste and recycling, and resources. This includes systems such as BOMcheck, iPoint, the SCIP database and the CDX system, which – like the IMDS – was also developed by DXC Technology. imds professional is an authorized DXC training provider for both the IMDS and CDX systems.

imds professional provides impartial and technically rigorous information on the latest regulatory changes. Useful updates and facts are published in the company’s free online magazine “ipJournal” as well as in its regular newsletter. Further essential information on Product Environmental Compliance that no modern manufacturing or processing company should ignore can be found at

Company information

imds professional is a leading provider of comprehensive consulting, training, and support services for the IMDS (International Material Data System), CAMDS (China Automotive Material Data System), CDX (Compliance Data Exchange), the SCIP database, REACH, RoHS Directive, conflict minerals and biocides. The company is certified by DXC Technology to provide IMDS and CDX training. The courses are either held as scheduled online events or can be run in-house. imds professional serves customers in a range of sectors, including automotive, shipbuilding, aviation, and electronics. For further information, please visit