How to report electronic components in IMDS


Deactivating IMDS Guideline 019 caused huge challenges for many suppliers within the automotive world. The long-established procedure of mapping PCBs and electronic components via data sheets published by the ZVEI was no longer feasible. This meant that the material compliance process turned into a mammoth task, which could only be tackled at considerable cost and with additional resources, if at all.

Even today, many suppliers find that procuring the required IMDS data sheets for all placement elements is an almost insurmountable task. Sampling is delayed and statements on product conformity cannot be made. The impact of this includes rejected samples, risk to your supplier status, and the violation of legal requirements.

But there’s no need to worry – help is at hand! We’re here to make the transition easy and stress-free.

For more than 20 years, we’ve been supporting OEMs and suppliers (as well as non-automotive companies) along the entire supply chain with their material conformity requirements. Our experience and the links we have forged with partners across various industries mean we can provide you with the correct data sheets so you can respond to the deactivation of Rec. 019 in a cost-effective and trouble-free way. We can help you meet your sampling and regulatory obligations accurately and on time.

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