Cobalt Reporting

To stop climate change and improve environmental protection, electric cars will have to replace the current combustion engines. This will create a need for many raw materials such as cobalt, which is useful for the production of batteries to power electric vehicles.

However, more than half of the cobalt needed worldwide comes from mines in the Democratic Republic of Congo, which are operated by artisanal miners and where children are often employed as early as the age of seven.

You can read more about this topic at Here we have compiled further information for you.

Do you use cobalt (cobalt) in your batteries, for example? Your customers require you to report with CRT?

For ethical and humanitarian reasons, as well as to meet the needs and expectations of customers and governments around the world, it is very important to conduct a survey with due diligence to identify the source of cobalt.

Not sure how to use the Cobalt Reporting Template (CRT) correctly or where to start?

We are happy to help you and assist you in meeting the Cobalt Compliance requirements. Just contact us.



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