Happy Birthday IMDS!


Dear IMDS,

We express our heartfelt congratulations on your milestone birthday!

Forgive the bluntness, but we would like to say: You have grown pretty old. That is a particular achievement for such a system. Is there anyone in the fast-paced software world that has made it to 20? Fair play to you, IMDS! That is quite an accomplishment!

However, you managed to stay young because you’re keeping up with the times, and the 13th facelift is coming up soon, without even counting the small beauty corrections.

Granted, that’s what you get for being in constant demand; you stay young and fresh. And, boy, are you popular! Anyone who deals with products for cars knows you, entrusts you with their material data every day, and is glad that you sort and keep track of everything.

You are even a role model for many others who, unfortunately, still have to deal with a hodgepodge. You have turned your passion for collecting into a profession over the course of your life. You have drawers and boxes for everything, and you know how to find even the tiniest of things in dusty corners. We get the sense that you enjoy yourself thoroughly 🙂 At least you won’t be copied easily.

Add to that your continuous availability worldwide. Anyone can reach you, when and where they want. You are always there for everyone. Thank you for your continuous dedication.

Your reliability, always being able to find everything you store, no matter what, being able to entrust everything to you, is a great relief.

We are proud, dear IMDS, that we were able to witness your birth with your creators at EDS 20 years ago. Not only that: we even gave your creators pre-natal courses in UNIX, Java, and Oracle to make you healthy and strong. You were just born when we introduced you to the OEM and the first suppliers. After a few months, you were ready to walk and eager to conquer the whole world.

We have accompanied you all your life and have observed your development. And we are thrilled to take the next steps with you.

But first, we want to celebrate your birthday.

Your guest list is huge; meanwhile, 120,000 active users are registered worldwide. Of course, we won’t be able to invite them all to a birthday party.

Nevertheless, we have come up with some birthday gifts. Stay tuned and see what surprises are in store…

On that note: We look forward to the next 20 years! All the best! We cannot wait to see what the future has in store for us.

Your imds professional team