We provide consultation, we optimise and organise – you benefit

Your clients would like to count on you and you would want to fall back on the material data of your suppliers. However, compiling and processing all the material data can mean an enormous amount of work. Moreover, you bear the responsibility for the accuracy of your material data towards your clients. imds professional advises how best to organise your operational procedures in all matters relating to the IMDS keeping all these aspects in mind.

The advantages for you:

  • long term compliance of statutory provisions.
  • saving of valuable time by concentrating on core business concerns.
  • clients rely on you and you score the highest points for quality as a supplier!

An illustration of the imds professional support:

  1. Filtering of the affected corporate divisions and analysis of the related processes
  2. Conducting business based on the legal regulations
  3. Presentation of measures for procurement, production and marketing for long term compliance of statutory provisions
  4. Establishing ideal IMDS processes


Benefit from our professional services and long standing experience! As the leading IMDS service provider we individually and skilfully analyse the conditions specific to your case in relation to the requirements of the automotive industry. We can jointly work out a concept for your IMDS process with you. Alternatively we can present you with outsourcing options of the IMDS processes so that you can undertake a cost-benefit analysis. 

Your gain:

  • A well thought out integration of the IMDS operating processes into your corporate structure, your IT systems and corporate processes ensures efficient handling and safe implementation.


Having already integrated the IMDS in your processes are you nevertheless unsure whether the requirements could have possibly been met more productively and efficiently? If so, you are already on the right track. There is almost always room for optimisation of all operational procedures relating to IMDS that serve to save time and cut costs. Benefit from our experience, our contacts with the decisions makers in the field of IMDS and from our head start in matters relating to innovations and future developments. We would be happy to carry out an analysis for you to identify areas where an approach to introduce optimisation can be taken. Our analysis is conducted keeping in mind the business organisation and internal requirements like name space and naming conventions, responsibilities and communication, assessment of modules, in-house material data sheets. It also factors in existing supplier data sheets, supplier contracts, terms and conditions, check routines and rules for acceptance of material data sheets and quality control of material data sheets that are being sent out, evaluation of dispatched material data sheets, handling of notifiable and banned substances and dealing with client-specific requirements.

Your advantages:

  • operational procedures being rendered more productive and efficient.
  • timely response to future developments (statutory provisions, new releases, REACH requirements, etc.).
  • improvement in supplier management.
  • optimisation of client management.
  • long term economy of time and costs!


Do you only have a few material data sheets in a year and do not wish to deal with the complicated IMDS requirements? Or do you have frequently to meet with IMDS requirements but not enough to justify engaging experts dedicated solely to this division? In such an event often employees from other projects, who actually are engaged in other duties have to be brought in. This as a rule is a costly option, for instance when engineers come down to compiling material datasheets. Perhaps you have so many IMDS requirements to process that you are contemplating hiring qualified personnel for this. Or there are so many material data sheets to be processed that you consider outsourcing the work? We know only too well about such options and what's more you are not alone in going through these deliberations! Many companies from the automotive industry are having to cope with more and more new IMDS-related activities, making them want to pass on these tasks.

As a Full-Service provider, imds professional is ever at your service for all IMDS related tasks required to be carried out by your company.

Your advantages:

  • you do not have to do a thing if you so wish!
  • we provide tailor-made services right down to complete assumption of all IMDS related activities.
  • put imds professional to test as the IMDS specialist for greater efficiency in executing your IMDS tasks and you are sure to believe!


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