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Over the years, we have become the go-to provider of IMDS consulting and support services. We are endorsed by DXC Technology, so you can count on us if you need help producing your Material Data Sheets (MDS), REACH chemical compliance reports, or guidance on the IMDS system. The many years we have spent working closely with manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors in the automotive industry and many other sectors have made us the IMDS service provider of choice for many organizations around the world. At imds professional, we really do cover everything and anything to do with IMDS. Our services are also available on a modular basis to suit your needs. For example, we can handle specific tasks such as IMDS data entry, which will save you money and free up your time to focus on your business priorities. IMDS data entry and IMDS data management require time, knowledge, and expertise. There can also be legal consequences for your company if you do not complete these tasks correctly. It is therefore important to manage your IMDS data efficiently using the right software solutions and tools. This is where we can step in and help you with our range of professional services and training courses. We offer unbiased and independent advice and can support you through the initial planning stages to the implementation of your IMDS projects. We can also help you make well-informed decisions by providing detailed information and assessment criteria. We can offer a one-stop solution for all your needs, or you can choose separate consulting, training, or support options. These can be provided on a long-term basis or over the course of a specific project. Either way, we can customize our solutions to the needs of your company. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to arrange a free initial consultation to discuss your needs.
Analyzing your project requirements initially involves arranging a video call or an on-site meeting with you and your colleagues to evaluate the tasks and responsibilities specific to the project. This allows us to assess whether the project data is complete, evaluate parts lists, and map out the project scope, project management requirements, time frames, and deadlines. We will create a plan setting out guidelines for communication, information procurement and customer management. We will also define transparent processes and specify the frequency of status reports, customer-specific data entry guidelines, approval processes, and supplier management. Our project analysis service is part of our consulting package. It has been proven to significantly improve the speed of internal materials compliance processes and provides valuable information to ensure materials data can be professionally managed. We can also train your colleagues as required if you prefer to implement your IMDS projects yourself in-house.
We can help you manage processes such as clarifying supplier status, changing milestones and timeframes. We can also help you deal with MDS recipients’ requirements, customer communication and formulate proposals to help resolve supplier problems. In addition, we can help you establish effective decision-making criteria to ensure your IMDS project is a complete success.
We can check data and handle all your supplier management, data entry, and MDS recipient management requirements. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you are considering outsourcing your IMDS projects to a professional service provider. We would be pleased to explain how we can help take the stress and expense out of managing IMDS projects.
If you are looking to outsource all your materials compliance, IMDS data entry and data management tasks, you’re talking to the right people. Our experienced, multi-disciplinary, and multi-lingual team is always on hand to provide rapid and reliable support. We ensure that every environmental product compliance requirement is correctly complied with in accordance with the regulations. Our services will save you time, money and help you avoid the risk of penalty fees and reputational damage. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for a free initial consultation and a non-binding quotation.


  • We guarantee your Material Data Sheets will be accepted on time.
  • We operate in multiple languages. Contacting your customers and suppliers across the globe is therefore more direct and more efficient.
  • We work closely with DXC Technology and are an authorized IMDS training partner. We also act on behalf of the IMDS Steering Committee.
  • We have in-depth knowledge of the IMDS guidelines and recommendations as well as the specific requirements of automotive manufacturers. They form the basis of our day-to-day work and we pass this knowledge on through our IMDS training courses. Due to our partnerships and collaborations with automotive manufacturers, DXC Technology and the automotive associations, we have all the latest information at our fingertips.
  • By working with us, you receive first-hand, cutting-edge knowledge. This can save you a great deal of time and effort as well as help you avoid the costs associated with dunning procedures and handling lengthy internal clarification processes.
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