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We’re here to take the stress out of meeting Product Environmental Compliance requirements. We offer targeted consulting services that help you maximize your company’s potential. It’s important to follow good quality advice if you want to make the right decisions to assure your company’s future success. This is where we can help. We offer high-quality material compliance consulting services based on in-depth knowledge and extensive experience that help make decision making easier and more effective. Our multidisciplinary team of experts is part of a strong network of compliance professionals, so you can always count on accurate and up-to-the-minute advice. We can support your decision-making processes at executive and strategic levels and across your entire business, including areas such as product planning, materials selection, purchasing, quality assurance, product management as well as across administrative and technical functions.

We take a hands-on approach as we help you devise a sound strategy to improve the efficiency of your operational processes. Our in-depth advice is tailored to your business needs and the particular industry you are working in. You will be equipped with all the knowledge you need to make the right decisions to ensure product compliance and materials reporting success. We make sure we fully understand your needs so that we can design and optimize the operational and compliance processes that matter to you the most.

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High-quality advice from top materials compliance professionals

Our consulting services

If you want to provide a great service to your customers, being able to rely on your suppliers and the quality of their materials data is extremely important. Yet recording and managing this information is time-consuming and requires extensive specialist knowledge, especially when there are so many legal requirements to observe. But you don’t need to manage all this alone. Our multidisciplinary team of experts is here to help you organize and streamline your workflows. And if you require, they can train your staff and even provide supply chain consulting services. They offer independent and impartial advice to help you select the right databases, software, tools, and solutions for your business. Our team of material compliance experts can provide consulting services on a wide range of specialist subjects relating to product environmental compliance, ensuring all the necessary information is available along the entire supply chain.

Customized consulting services

Training and consulting services
to meet all your compliance needs

Material compliance analysis

Our highly experienced consultants are part of a global network of material compliance experts. This means you can trust us to provide a thorough analysis of your product environmental compliance status. We will analyze your current compliance requirements and any solutions you have identified. We then use process models and examples from best practice to make managing your material compliance requirements more efficient. If you want to know whether your processes are working reliably, quickly, and smoothly enough, we can use specific parameters to evaluate your current situation and then provide recommendations. We always align our recommendations with the needs of your company and the industry you work in. This includes taking into account your organizational structure, internal requirements, existing supplier data sheets, supplier contracts and conditions, test routines as well as acceptance rules and quality control for material data sheets. We can check specific customer requirements and the accuracy of your material data sheets before you submit them. We can also evaluate how you handle prohibited and declarable substances.

Specialist 1:1 coaching

Our specialist 1:1 coaching service is the ideal choice if you are working on a specific project or want to manage a process in line with materials compliance requirements. Our 1:1 coaching service focuses entirely on your specific needs. The first step is to arrange an initial consultation by telephone or video conference so we can identify the processes or areas that are causing you difficulties. We will then arrange some coaching sessions with our material compliance experts who will provide you with plenty of in-depth, practical advice. Our coaching service can be delivered in several languages and the sessions can be held either at your company premises or by video conference.

Process optimization and outsourcing

Finding ways to meet materials compliance requirements more effectively and efficiently can be a difficult process. But you don’t have to do it alone. We can highlight optimization opportunities within your business and devise effective strategies. Almost every company we have worked with has been able to optimize their workflows and save valuable time and money thanks to our consulting services. You too can get a step ahead by using our extensive knowledge of the latest changes in legislation and strategic developments. You can also tap into the expertise we have gained over many years working with key decision makers in the industry. Alternatively, we can help you map out the potential for outsourcing these tasks and provide a cost-benefit analysis to help you come to an informed decision.

“Compliance Insight” sessions

Our compliance insight sessions are aimed at key decision makers who need to gain a broad understanding of Product Environmental Compliance. These specialist sessions provide important background information that will serve as guidance when you have to make decisions about reorganizing compliance processes in your company. We focus our advice on the areas that concern you the most and help you identify the right decision-making criteria. All the advice we provide is completely impartial and independent.

On-the-job training

Our multilingual team of material compliance experts can help you with a wide range of PEC (Product Environmental Compliance) tasks and projects. Our hands-on approach has achieved excellent results for our customers time and time again. We work with you directly on-site and focus on the problem at hand to help you reach your objectives fast. This consulting service can be delivered as 1:1 training or to small groups either online or at your company premises. We have gained extensive knowledge of legal requirements for materials compliance through working with companies from a wide range of industries all over the world. This means we can help you master compliance complexities in no time at all.

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You can choose from our broad portfolio of individual services, or you can choose our full-service package that will take care of all your requirements.

What’s more, we offer a wide range of scheduled and customized training courses on a variety of subjects which we deliver on our ipCampus learning platform.