REACH-Certificate: What needs to be observed?

Manufacturers and importers have to apply for a REACH certificate or a registration number when they use or bring into circulation materials that are subject to the REACH Regulation. This Regulation that is applicable throughout Europe monitors the safe use of chemical substances, their notification and restriction if proved to damage the environment or cause severe injury to health. ECHA (The European Chemical Agency) looks after the supervision and implementation of the Regulation. All chemical substances imported or produced in an EU country exceeding the volume of one tonne per year have to be registered at ECHA.

All substances possessing even one of the following features are absorbed into the SVHC list: carcinogenicity, mutagenicity, reproductive toxicity, acute persistence, acute bio-accumulation or toxicity, endocrine disruption or with persistent, bio-accumulative or toxic potential. Manufacturers are obliged to reveal information on substances that are on the REACH List (refer also to REACH/SVHC).

Substances already controlled by other legal directives can be partially or completely exempted from those of the REACH Regulation. For instance, it is being discussed by experts whether the introduction of the EU Chemicals Regulation has made RoHS redundant on account of an overlap in certain clauses. This is leading to double regulation for importers and manufacturers of electrical and electronic appliances.

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