REACH-Conformity: The Approval Procedure

The verification for REACH Conformity is done by the European Chemical Agency ECHA. Manufacturers, importers or downstream users can also submit the application for approval of substances falling under the REACH Regulation to ECHA. The agency then examines whether alternate substances can be substituted and issues the approval, provided it can be established that the exposure does not exceed certain threshold values, or there are no suitable substitutes or technologies available, and if the socio-economic benefits outweigh the risk. The objective of the approval procedure is after all to overcome the risks that come from Substances of Very High Concern (also refer to REACH/SVHS). They have to be replaced gradually by alternative substances if financially viable and technically feasible.

The imds professional team assists you in all tasks relating to the REACH Regulation by providing consultation on REACH and trainings that impart specific knowhow and numerous insider tips.

When does a product possess REACH Conformity?

Products and manufactured items that comply with all the conditions of the EU REACH Regulation are considered to possess REACH Conformity. HP has developed the "REACH Report" in the IMDS to simplify verification. This is a report on all the data assigned to a company listed in the IMDS, comprising of material data received by suppliers or provided by one's own company in the IMDS, information on the weight of parts, data on raw materials and basic substances and classification in the REACH SVHC or GADSL list of substances. The IMDS Advanced Solution Service by mdsystem enables processing even of greater volumes of data, assessment of material data sheets by self-defined rules, automatic processing of incoming material data sheets and other useful functions by means of the IMDS-a2 and the supplementary REACH Module. 

imds professional offers you assistance for professional compliance of all requirements concerning REACH Conformity. Make an appointment for consultation with our team of experts!


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