REACH Consultation for Affected Companies

REACH Consultation is not worthwhile for small and medium companies (SMEs) and yet ensuring REACH Conformity is a huge challenge for them. Compliance of all the EU Chemicals Regulation and the Material Safety Data Sheet requirements places a big bureaucratic burden on the affected companies.

Assistance from individual member nations comes in the form of the technical guidelines, i.e. the so called RIPS (REACH Implementation Project). RIP 1: REACH process details, RIP 2: REACH IT, RIP 3: industry guidelines, RIP 4: guidelines for authorities, RIP 5: setting up of the pre-agency, RIP 6: setting up of the agency, RIP 7: commission preparations and RIP 8: requirements for substances in articles.

Besides this there are national information centres; in Germany the national helpdesk of the Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (BAuA). The EU Commission also offers a gratis IT application called IUCLID to capture, store and maintain data on individual substances required by the REACH Regulation. Do make use of the specialised Info Point REACH by imds professional for personal research on topics related to REACH too!

The official information centres notwithstanding, it is nevertheless worthwhile for almost every company to engage the services of an experienced third party for professional consultation and, if required, to outsource execution of individual tasks pertaining to the EU Chemicals Regulation. The inter-disciplinary team of imds professional can assist you here.

We help you on all queries relating to the REACH Conformity, REACH/RoHs, REACH/SVHC and to the CLP/GHS Regulation. You are thus assured of competent compliance of your obligation to inform in accordance with the law and can thereby avoid penalties or a loss of image. Avail yourself of our consultation on REACH and make an appointment now for a meeting with our experts!


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